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We offer so much more than Adjustments.

Check out all our services that can help you stay in the best health!



Digital X-rays

Blood Pressure Checks


Blood Chemistry Performed by Quest

Neuro Scan

CLIA waived in house lab test

Micronutrient Testing

 Muscle Rehabilitation

Vitamin D Photo Therapy

No matter whether it’s summer or winter, your body needs Vitamin D to work at its greatest potential. There are many benefits involved, such as

  • Relieving arthritis pain
  • Eliminating toxins
  • Healing scars, cuts and wounds
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Loosening stiff joints and sore muscles
  • Relieving symptoms of Lyme disease
  • Relieving psoriasis, eczema and acne
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Diminishing inflammation
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Relieving seasonal affective disorder
  • Promoting weight loss

Blood and Applied Kinesiology Allergy Testing

Food allergies and substances in the environment can severely affect your health. Dr. Jeff utilizes Allergy Sensitivity Elimination Reprogramming Technique (A/SERT) muscle response testing to diagnose allergies. Once we know what your body responds to, we’ll work to eliminate the sensitivity so that you don’t have to rely on medications. All ages can benefit from this therapy.

Department of Transportation(DOT) Physicals

Dr. Jeff is certified by the federal government to provide physical examinations for commercial drivers

HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy New

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the medical use of oxygen in a pressurized environment, at a level higher than 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA). Increased pressure allows for oxygen to dissolve and saturate the blood plasma (independent of hemoglobin/red blood cells), which yields a broad variety of positive physiological, biochemical and cellular effects. This noninvasive therapy is the most trusted way to increase oxygen levels in all organs of the body. The typical treatment lasts for 60-90 minutes, during which the patient lies down and breathes normally.

HBOT has been demonstrated in several clinical studies to enhance the body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate. It is used as an adjunct therapy to complement and enhance the healing process in both chronic and acute conditions

Hyperbaric oxygen Chamber new in 2020