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Reviews for Live Well Chiropractic

“Understands bodies are unique”

Best chiropractic experience I have ever had. Love that Dr. Dye supports practicing chiropractic for prevention of health issues and not just fixing existing health issues. He understands that given the opportunity our bodies are uniquely created to heal themselves.

~Karan J.

“Extremely friendly and kind!! “

Dr. Jeff is an excellent chiropractor. It is evident that he cares for each of his patients – I am impressed that he takes the time each visit to get to know me a little more and makes sure he understands how my body is feeling and responding to the adjustments. He is extremely friendly and kind!!

~Rebecca B.

“I felt extremely welcomed”

It was incredible to see how passionate Dr. Jeff was about how he was going to help me. As a freshman college student in Platteville, far away from home, I felt extremely welcomed by both Kayzia and Dr. Jeff. I am very excited for the rest of my care with them, and I especially love how Dr. Jeff explains everything that is happening and why, so I personally understand where my health is at and what is going on.

~Jessica B.

“Finally relief!”

heart comment bubble I had two fusions in my neck in 2010 and I’ve had chronic pain since. I was in pain every day and I was afraid I would never get better. I was getting migraines (9 a month). I started seeing Dr.Jeff in January of 2015. I am so much better. I now have minimal pain and the pain is at a level I can deal with. I have had 2 migraines in four months.

I can smile again. Finally relief! I am doing more moves in yoga and I am able to sleep better. I am in a better mood. Overall, I feel like a better person. My spine is more aligned, thanks to Dr. Jeff. I have tried other chiropractors, acupuncture, physical therapy- they would start to help- then they would or insurance would stop. They would give up on me! Come in and see Dr. Jeff. He has given me such hope. He relieved my pain like no one else has been able to!

~Lola W.

“Much better!”

Upon coming in I was getting headaches (10 a month) were I could not move my neck, back pain, knee pain. I had severe arthritis and fibromyalgia. My neck pain is not completely gone but when I leave Live Well Chiropractic I am much better and my back pain in now controlled a little better. Just being able to control some of the pain and when Dr. Jeff adjusts me I feel 100% better.

~Joyce J.

“Now able to walk over 7 miles in a day!”

I came in because I had back pain that was keeping me up at night. I am sooo much better!!! I can sleep through the night without pain, except on rare occasions. I am now able to walk over 7 miles in a day regularly without pain!! I have lost 20 lbs because I can move! Make sure to listen to Jeff and make sure you have a support system. It may hurt a little more at first, but it’s worth it!

~Aimee W.

“Can actually function normally!”

I came in with extreme pain in my lower back and legs. I had never seen a chiropractor before and my fiancé was seeing Jeff so I came in. I now feel much better and I feel like I can actually function normally. I am now able to go a day without needing to lie on the ground to stretch my back. The worst thing to do if you are dealing with pain is waiting. The faster you seek help, the faster it will be resolved.

~Brandt B.


“I can now sleep pain free!”

I came in because my right shoulder would wake me up if I slept on my right side and it would be painful if performing certain activities. I am much better! I can now sleep on my right side pain free and I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night with a sore shoulder. Make sure once you are feeling better to still get an adjustment every so often to stay in tune.

~Tilly W.

“Dr. Jeff looks for the root cause of the issue…”

Dr. Jeff is the man! Not only does he do an amazing job, he explains stuff very well. He has a great philosophy when it comes to treating you. He doesn’t go for the universal “quick fix” like most other chiropractors, instead he looks for the root cause of your issue and focuses on correcting that through the use of technology and adjustments. I would recommend him to anyone!

~Dan W


“Caring, Funny & Knowledgeable”

Dr. Jeff is a very caring, funny, and most importantly knowledgeable about what he does. I’ve been to a couple different chiropractors but none have showed results like Live Well Chiropractic. Dr. Jeff uses technology to measure the nervous system’s functionality plus X rays so he’s not just “guessing.” I definitely recommend Live Well Chiropractic

~Lance D.

“Get in to see Dr. Jeff!”

I started going to Dr. Jeff a couple years ago because a little bird told me to. After that, my hunch was confirmed when I found out just how good he is! After 5 year of knowing Dr Dye and the professionalism and cutting edge techniques that enliven and invigorate his practice of a new breed of Chiropractics.

Traditional chiropractics has never been this cool! Get in to see this Dr. Jeff guy before all his appointments are all filled up! Make sure to say hi to Kayzia who manages the front.

~Aryan R.

“Dr. Jeff and his friendly staff made sure I was very comfortable.”

Dr. Jeff is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable chiropractor. I put off going to a chiropractor for years because of fear of the possible discomfort, but he and his friendly staff made sure I was very comfortable.

I’ve noticed a marked improvement in the pain in my back as well as improvement in my knees. This is also the first time in 17 years I haven’t had bronchitis in September or October! I definitely believe it’s due an improvement in my nervous system. I’m very thankful for the passionate service at Live Well Chiropractic.

~Abby G.

“A Wonderful Chiropractor”

Dr. Dye is a wonderful chiropractor. I had been to several others before coming to see him, and was beginning to lose faith that chiropractic care was right for me.

It took Dr. Dye to show me that not all chiropractic clinics are created equally, and the ones I had been treated at were essentially chiropractic mills that were only concerned with adjusting me enough so that I had to keep coming back.

Dr. Dye uses a combination of x-rays and a device called a subluxation station that measures pressure on the nerves along the spinal cord using advanced heat technology in order to identify the underlying problem. He uses only his hands when adjusting and is dedicated to helping each and every one of his patients reach their highest potential. He is not concerned with the number of patients he has, his concern is the quality of care he can give to every person that comes through his office.

Dr. Dye is a dedicated chiropractor and genuinely concerned about his patients well-being. I would highly recommend him to anyone, not just those suffering from discomfort.

~Courtney H.

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